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We can resolve all your cladding problems!

Buckingham Industrial Coatings are able to offer a solution to all cladding issues, ensuring that your building will look brand new again. Our specialism in this area includes the provision of a new coating, a complete colour change, remedial work for rusting, peeling and chalking.

When cladding on your building becomes damaged, it is imperative that it is repaired at the first opportunity. The reason for this, is that the protective external coating will have become compromised, meaning it will no longer be able to shield and protect the underlying substrate from weathering and its corrosive abilities.

In cases where the panelling has become severely damaged, such as the emergence of numerous holes, rain water can enter. This is not only negative because it can enter the panel itself and cause further corrosion, but also because the rain is then free to trickle down damaging the surrounding panels. If left unchecked, this process can result in the failure of a whole panelling wall.

We operate not only within the UK, but also throughout the European Mainland. Our years of extensive industry service have made us specialists in remedial cladding repair, maintenance and restoration. In order to complete our projects, we have a highly skilled and qualified team, all members are fully experienced and accustomed to delivering solutions that have been specifically catered to the requirements of your project.

Buckingham Industrial Coatings are able to offer you the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions, this is due to our industry experience, ongoing training of all our employees and our brand wide dedication to health and safety. No environment is too challenging to our expert team.

Our panel repair services include those manufactured by Alucabond, Eurbond, Euroclad, Tata, Trespa and Kingspan.

How To Spot Failed Cladding

Often, evidence of failed factory finishes on cladding can be observed when the coating colour begins to fade, blister, delaminate or spot corrode. Should any of the above be found you should take action immediately. However, the replacement of panels can often be unpractical and financially expensive. Therefore, we advocate cladding spraying or recoating.

What Are The Benefits Of Cladding Spraying Or Recoating?

  • Enhance and promote your corporate image
  • Increase the property’s value, or rental yield
  • The restoration of protective cladding will increase the building’s lifespan
  • To improve the aesthetic appearance of the building

Our Cladding Services

On Site Cladding Repairs
We are your one-stop solution for on site cladding repairs and restoration in both the UK and mainland Europe.
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On Site Cladding Refurbishment
Add longevity to your property with on site cladding refurbishment.
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On Site Colour Changing
Changing your building’s colour scheme is an easy task we can complete with minimum disruption.
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Our Partners
We have built lasting relationships with key global cladding manufacturers.
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Cladding ServicesCladding ServicesCladding Services
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