Food Safe Panels

We are highly experienced in working in food processing plants, cleanrooms, cold stores and pharmaceutical plants and are conversant in the special requirements demanded of these interiors. In short, these rooms require surfaces that are hygienically safe for contact with food and pharmaceutical supplies, whilst also being easy to clean. In the case of cold stores, these interiors require panelling that offers incredibly good insulation properties.

Buckingham Industrial Coatings offer an extensive service offering of reparation works suitable for the dedicated panelling utilised on the interiors of cleanrooms, food processing plants and cold stores. We understand that all of these areas are required to have a white finish. We also utilise dedicated paint coatings specifically designed for use in these interiors.

These coatings are non-toxic, offer high levels of resistance to both pink and black mould. Best of all, our coatings are aesthetically pleasing, offer high levels of durability and are incredibly easy to clean. Our experience working in this sector has taught us the importance of coating surface selection, due to the varied uses and requirements of each interior, a coating system needs to be specifically selected that meets the requirements of the interior.

Performing restoration work to food safe panels and those found in cleanrooms is imperative to maintain the efficiency and functionality of these environments. Heavy usage can result in residual damage to the panelling, which if left unrepaired can compromise the entire interior. We offer a dedicated panel repair service which is inexpensive, we understand that downtime to your cleanroom or food safe area is simply unacceptable. Due to this we take every effort to ensure that all reparation and recoating work we undertake is performed during your scheduled down time.

Buckingham Industrial Coatings offer a dedicated in-situ panel repair service. Our service can be performed on all coated metal cleanroom ceiling and wall sandwich cladding panels, restoring them to their original condition. Additionally, we follow up all of our reparation work with the deployment of a specialised coating system to all damaged areas. The deployment of this system prevents the occurrence of habitats that could support spore outbreaks.

For further information about our dedicated cleanroom and food safe panelling repair and recoating service, or to arrange an onsite survey of you premises with a member of our team, one of our dedicated customer service agents can be contacted by calling 01908 273570.

Food Safe PanelsFood Safe PanelsFood Safe Panels
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