Our years of extensive industry operation have equipped us with the skill set required to be the industry leaders of both the refurbishment and protection of commercial roofing and cladding. This status equips us with the ability to perform a comprehensive site visit, enabling us to deliver a specification writing service which correctly identifies and ensures the optimum product is utilised to remedy the existing roofing issue and prevent its reoccurrence.

Whilst performing work in this field, we have worked directly with an extensive list of industry leading specifiers and clients. This work has involved a diverse range of project types and specifications, ranging from light business units to entire retail parks. We have worked directly on HMP and MOD facilities and installations.

Why Choosing Overcoating Over Replacement?

Performing a recoat on your building is a cost effective means of extending indefinitely the life of your metal sheeting and cladding. This is due to the fact that it will maintain the strength of the surface- in turn retaining the buildings value. Replacement, otherwise known as “oversheeting”, on the other hand is comparatively heavy, whilst also increasing the risk of leaks and condensation to the building’s interior. Worst of all, the initial problem is not necessarily resolved, as the same coating failure dilemma can occur at a later date.

Our services in this area include everything from reparations to cut edge corrosion on sheet metal, the provision of a full protective coating replacement and even asbestos sheet encapsulation. Our team is on hand to ensure that all our product range will be confidently specified and comprehensively installed by our team of fully trained applicators.

What Is Giromax?

The Giromax product range can be utilised on the following installations:

  • Metal: use the primer for rust and UV damage, in conjunction with organic oil-based paints. In this context we use DELCOTE, which is an inorganic mineral-based silicone that offers outstanding natural resistance to both corrosion and UV. No primers are required.
  • Asbestos Cement: Here we utilise DELCOTE, as it is a natural breathing membrane. It allows the sheet to which it has been applied to “sweat” whilst keeping external moisture out, thus encapsulating cement and fibres.
  • Gutters: To combat the accumulation of debris and foliage and the resultant polluted water we utilise DELCOTE HPG which naturally repels any standing water. This product also discourages the accumulation of any debris making ongoing cleaning far easier during annual maintenance work.
  • GRP Rooflights: Since this surface is prone to wear thin, leak whilst also becoming fragile and opaque, DELGLAZE offers the perfect solution. This product provides a simple yet clear and tough coating to the surface, offering additional crack-bridging capabilities providing resistance to erosion, impact and weather.
  • Faded Walls: GIROCOTE is perfected for this setting. It is simple to apply, provides aesthetically pleasing results and is the technically superior decoration for metal wall cladding.

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