Specialist Coatings

Due to the rapid growth of our company over recent years, we are proud to offer a wide and diverse service offering. Included within this is the ability to offer our customers the application of a range of specialist coatings and paints, available for installation in numerous applications.

You can guarantee that the coating you require is included within our offering, that includes, corrosion resistant coatings, atmospheric exposure resistant coatings, immersion coatings, mechanical stress resistant coatings, thermal stress resistant coatings. All of our specialist coatings are provided as part of a service which includes the appropriate surface preparation, the application of the product and auxiliary quality control.

When applying specialist coatings there are often specific quality controls that are required for the optimum effects. Therefore, it can be useful to gain information regarding the performance variation of coatings in specific conditions and certain temperatures. Don’t worry, our expert team is on hand to provide all the required advice and assistance. Additionally, if desired, our team can perform all coating and spraying on your behalf.

Our specialist coatings are used on a diverse range of applications including PVC window frames, furniture, interiors, bars and restaurants. You can rest assured that whatever your coating requirement is that we are able to provide a finish that can be easily applied, whilst offering exceptional adhesion and longevity.

Some of our most popular specialist coatings include:

The majority of coatings included in our specialist coatings service offering can make use of our dedicated colour match service. This service is able to provide an exact match on any colour contained within both the RAL and British Standard colour coding systems. Additionally, our colour matching service can be completed onsite by one of our dedicated paint technicians.

We wish to assure you that irrespective of the specific substrate you have, we are able to provide you the optimum coating for your requirements. For further information about our dedicated range of specialist coatings, or to discuss in greater details the specifications of any of our coatings types, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 273570.

Specialist CoatingsSpecialist CoatingsSpecialist Coatings
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